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2016 O/L Tamil Literature Past Paper and Answers in Tamil Medium​

2016 O/L Tamil Literature Past Paper and Answers in Tamil Medium

2016 O/L Tamil Literature Past Paper in Tamil Medium

Download 2016 O/L Tamil Literature Past Paper and Answers in Tamil Medium. You can download OL Tamil Literature Paper Part I , Part II & Part III using following link Below. It’s free to download. We have a large collection of previous past papers on O/L subjects. You Can Check It Out.

Examination – GCE O/L 2022(2023)



Subject – Tamil Literature



Medium – Tamil Medium




Exam Date – 2016


Both Part I and Part II question papers of the 2022 GCE Ordinary Level Examination can be downloaded here for free. This O/L Paper was related to the Official Ordinary Level  Examination held on 2016. Now you can join the Science With Jasseeth community forum to discuss O/L exams, Model papers, marking schemes, lesson notes/short notes, and any other educational matters. This is an educational service that continues to uplift quality education for free in Sri Lanka. You may now help this service improve by sending educational materials to the link given below

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